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In Whanganui there is good food going to waste that people could eat.


By strengthening the connection between organisations and our communities,

we can gather and share excess kai to reduce landfill and grow community resilience.


Together we can move away from waste,

From food insecurity to abundance, 

From reliance to resilience.


We can transition to a sustainable kai system that realises the

true value of our people, our place, our whenua.


Millions of meals worth of food are thrown away every year. At the same time many whānau are facing challenges accessing good, healthy kai. These two issues should not co-exist.


Most population centres in Aotearoa now have ‘food rescue’ operations acting as the link between food businesses and community. Around the world and in Aotearoa there are examples from which we can build a local Kai Hub for Whanganui - a place where excess kai can be gathered and shared with anybody who can use it.

The Kai Hub project has sprouted from the fertile korerō of the Kai Ora Collective hui.

The project is currently getting off the ground, and we hope to fully operational in early 2022.


We are establishing our systems, growing our networks,

and looking for passionate people to join us:

Are you
keen to
help out?
Are you a
business keen
to donate kai?
Are you an
organisation keen
to distribute kai?

More Information

Kai Hub:
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Kai Hub
Local Kai
Systems - Case for Change



Phone: 0225159038

If you are interested in providing financial assistance to this project

please email us for a korerō and more information.

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