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Kai    ra

Whanganui Kai Collective

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Our Lives, Our Kai, Our Change

Kai Ora is a collaborative movement working to transform

the kai system in Whanganui.


Kai Ora builds on existing community energy to increase

access to local, nourishing and mana-enhancing kai for all.

He kai kei aku ringa
Food from our own hands

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Our whānau and communities are connected by kai and are able to meaningfully participate in the food system.
Our local values form the foundations of our food system - this means our local food system reflects who we are as people of Whanganui.
Our local supply chains are secure against external disruptions such as ecological, economic or social upheaval.
Sustainable & Mana-Enhancing
Our kai is produced using sustainable practices which move our communities away from reliance, while uplifting human and environmental wellbeing.
Easiest Choice is the Healthiest Choice
Nutritious food is affordable and easy to access.

Kai Ora Values


He moumou kai, he moumou tāngata

Kai is central to our collective wellness

Kai Ora Approach

As a vibrant community in Whanganui, we already have the necessary resources and collective intelligence to transform our kai system. We'll need to work together, and Kai Ora exists to increase connectivity and collaboration between people on the ground.

Kai Ora is a collective of organisations and individuals, guided by a shared kaupapa, who share knowledge, ideas, contacts and opportunities with each other. Any person or organisation may join Kai Ora if they are committed to the kaupapa and objectives of the Collective.

Through our unified approach, we can generate momentum from each success within the Collective, and achieve collective impact.

Together we can bring kai home to our people.
Our lives, our kai, our change.

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More information

The Kai Ora: Whanganui Kai Collective comes together at least once a season to

share progress and updates - this is a great opportunity to first engage and meet

the wonderful people involved in this mahi. Join the movement and we will

make sure you get the invite!

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Local Kai
Systems - Case for Change
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